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Test assessment plays an important role in improving teaching and student achievement. TechVision's solution for education is designed to empower schools by delivering automatic test scoring and analysis tools to every teacher's desktop, helping schools address the accountability and assessment requirements with maximum time and budget savings.


The major benefits achieved from the FormIDEA’ test assessment solution are:

  • Replacing expensive, mono-task OMR equipment with cost-effective, multi-function image scanner.

  • Replacing expensive pre-purchased OMR forms with self-designed/printed test forms.

  • Distributed test scoring with significant time savings.

  • Image-enabled gradebook with advanced test administration features (data validation, test form archiving and retrieval).

  • Combined power with Excel for automatic test grading, analysis, reporting, and integration with existing school information systems.

With FormIDEA, teacher's can turn test assessment forms into powerful image-enabled gradebooks in Excel. It's fast, accurate, cost-effective, and as easy as 1,2,3...


Step 1.  Scan & Process

Scan your test forms using an image scanner. FormIDEA intelligent imaging technology can correct image distortions in many imperfect scans, allowing you to choose from nearly any document scanners without sacrificing data capture accuracy.

You can start capturing data into the Excel gradebook instantly while you scan. FormIDEA supports concurrent batch scanning and processing so that you can do your work with optimum efficiency.



Step 2.  Validate

Need to verify if there are any invalid responses on the test forms? Just click the Validate button.


Erroneous responses, e.g. missing marks or multiple marks in a question, will be detected automatically with highlighted data regions on the screen for instant validation and easy correction.


You can also search and retrieve test form images at any time to verify or review their associated data entries in the gradebook. FormIDEA's smart image auto-tracking feature can help you to instantly verify any questioned data with displayed images.



Step 3.  Grade & Report

Once test forms have been processed, you can import the answer key from a scanned image, set grade scale and other grading criteria, then score the test and produce a grade report with the click of a button.


FormIDEA is seamlessly integrated with Excel to give you the power of analyzing data in many ways. Test statistics, including student scores, frequency distribution, item analysis, and several other test statistics, can be presented in 2D or 3D graphics and pivot tables. FormIDEA can also produce individual grade reports that can be printed to hand back or emailed to students.

To make an order of FormIDEA, fill in and send us the online order form.



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