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TechVision FormIDEA for intelligent forms processing, data capture, and form document management is built directly on Microsoft Office System. Our innovative imaging technology for integrated and extended Office System solutions has helped customers around the world meet their productivity and profitability objectives in collecting, analyzing, and managing data.


The following diagram shows how FormIDEA is integrated seamlessly with Excel, in which form document scanning and automatic data capture can be done in batch at same time.


Data Capture


You will find that FormIDEA's solutions are most cost-effective: data are captured directly into image-enabled workbooks in Excel, and with FormIDEA, you can review and retrieve original form documents, verify, compile, analyze, report and transfer captured data in various formats using Excel.



Data Capture   TechVision's FormIDEA solutions provide you with the ability to replace costly, paper-based manual data entry with our cost-effective, image-based intelligent data capture integrated in Excel.



Educational Testing & Assessment  TechVision's solutions for education provide schools, colleges and universities with the most advanced imaging technology and cost-effective software to automate test assessment processes, including automated test scoring, grading, analysis, and reporting.



Form Document Management  If you are looking for a simple and smart way to manage your form documents, reduce office space consumption and increase productivity, we have an idea... With FormIDEA, you can store scanned form documents into an image-enabled Excel workbook, you can easily view, index and archive your form documents, perform data item search and retrieval on your form documents in Excel.



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