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Building Image Enabled Electronic Form Database in Excel


TechVision FormIDEA provides a smart, simple, and cost-effective solution to help Office users manage their form documents using Excel.


With FormIDEA & Excel, you can

  • Store over 65,000 scanned form images of each type into an image-enabled Excel workbook (one worksheet-row per form).

  • Specify over 250 searchable data items on the form (one worksheet-column per data item).

  • Retrieve and view form documents on screen - select a row in the image-enabled workbook to retrieve form image.

  • Print form documents from displayed images.

  • Index form documents with automated barcode capture or image-assisted data entry.

  • Archive form documents with the workbook into a system data storage or CD.

  • Search and retrieve data items on form documents - you can make queries through FormIDEA's Image Search to retrieve form documents and display searched data items, e.g. looking for the mortgage amount for a customer on the mortgage application form.

FormIDEA's solution has helped many customers to reduce their office space consumption and increase productivity by converting their form document folders or cabinets into electronic workbooks in Excel. When you need to review or verify data with original documents, you no longer need to search them in your file cabinets - the form and data images can be retrieved and reviewed directly with a single mouse click in Excel:

              Document Retrieval

With the combined power of Excel and FormIDEA, you can manage your form documents efficiently.

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