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Using FormIDEA as Intelligent Form Image Data Entry Assistant


Automated Data Capture

FormIDEA provides fully automatic solutions for capturing data from paper forms containing bar codes, check marks and linear marks, which are commonly used for applications such as

  • Surveys

  • Evaluations

  • Assessments

  • Public polls

The following example shows that responses to survey questions can be automatically captured from a scanned form image into an Excel worksheet.



Download FormIDEA Demo to see how a considerable amount of time you can save in capturing data from survey, evaluation, product or service assessment, and educational test forms.



Image Assisted Data Entry

If you need to capture hand-written data, and have tried some costly ICR software but still had to manually verify and "repair" data field by field, you may consider FormIDEA as an alternative that can assist you to view or key data efficiently from auto-tracked images.


FormIDEA saves time, reduces budget, and improves data entry accuracy. It represents an ideal replacement for both cost-ineffective ICR software that has poor recognition rate and traditional paper-based manual data entry.

    Data Entry

In the above example, the company name you need for cell "D4" appears on the display window immediately when you position or move cursor in that cell. Similarly, you can move cursor to any other cells to view data images instantly so that you can key what you see easily. Also, you can set data validation rules for each cell or verify data entry results at any time just by clicking cells and check them with displayed images.


FormIDEA Click'n View



Download FormIDEA Demo to see how easy and fast you can key in data from images with FormIDEA's image auto-tracking and Click 'n View features.


To make an order of FormIDEA, fill in and send us the online order form.



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