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Image Data Capture


FormIDEA   An intelligent forms processing software integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Office for data collection, analysis and document imaging applications. With FormIDEA, you can scan user-filled forms using an image scanner, capture, validate, and analyze data directly in Excel. It's that easy!



FormIDEA Test Assessment Edition (TAE)  Specially designed for teachers and educators to automatically score, grade, and analyze tests. A leading image-based OMR software combined with full power of Excel. High-tech, low-cost, and ease of use. If you need to score and grade multiple-choice bubble forms, try our innovative FormIDEA TAE software.



Software Developer's Kit


AccuForm SDK  If you are a software developer, writing program for document imaging related applications that require forms processing capabilities (such as forms identification, registration and data extraction, etc.), TechVision AccuForm Software Developer's Kit is a powerful toolkit for you.




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