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FormIDEA Test Assessment Edition

FormIDEA Test Assessment Edition (TAE) is specially designed for teachers and educators to process test assessment forms using Excel. With FormIDEA TAE, you can turn test assessment forms into powerful image-enabled gradebooks in Excel. Itís fast, accurate, cost-effective, and as easy as 1-2-3.

A great idea for teachers -


Time & Budget Saving

Assessment data can be collected and analyzed at your desktop in real time. No need to purchase dedicated and expensive OMR equipment - you can share an image scanner to perform multiple imaging tasks. No need to purchase pre-printed OMR forms either - you can customize and print your test forms using an office printer or copier.


Image-Enabling & Digital Record Keeping

Your gradebook is image-enabled so you can review and verify captured data with original images on your screen instantly. Also, with FormIDEAís image reference archiving support, you can always keep your saved and unaltered digital copy and hand back the scored tests to students.


Accurate & Reliable

FormIDEAís built-in imaging intelligence can correct image distortions to ensure superior performance and data accuracy. Invalid responses can be automatically detected and tracked for instant validation.


Powerful & Extensible

You have the combined power of FormIDEA and all of the capabilities of Excel. You can customize or add special functions in your gradebook as you do for other Excel projects.


Flexible & Scalable

Take advantage of distributed network support for processing tests in low or high volumes by using a desktop scanner or by sharing a departmental/school scanner.


Ease of Use

No form design and template setup are required to get started. The user-friendly interface in a familiar Office environment will make your work more enjoyable.



With great features -

  • Customizable test forms ready for use (no form design and template setup required).

  • Automatic and accurate data capture.

  • Concurrent batch scanning and processing support for optimum efficiency.

  • Page orientation/scale/skew auto-correction.

  • Instant data validation with image auto-tracking.

  • Automatic tools for test grading and analyzing.

  • Image-enabled gradebook for reference archiving and retrieval.

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