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FormIDEA provides cost-efficient solutions for capturing data from scanned or faxed paper forms into electronic workbooks in Excel. Data entry is easy, fast and saves time you'd otherwise spend entering data manually. Download this FormIDEA Excel Add-in module to see how the Intelligent Data Entry Assistant can help you to collecting data on different type of forms automatically.


    FormIDEA 4.0 Standard  (8.9 MB)


           System Requirements:

             - Office 2003 / 2007

             - Windows XP /  Windows 7 /  Windows 8

    FormIDEA 4.0 Professional (11.1 MB)


           System Requirements:

             - Office 2007 on Windows 7 / Windows 8

             - Office 2003 (without Office SP3) on

               Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8

    FormIDEA 4.1 Standard  (9.9 MB)


           System Requirements:

             - Office 2010

             - Windows XP (SP3) / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Important Notes:

  1. Before downloading, check the System Requirements listed above to determine which version of FormIDEA 4 will be compatible with your current Office/Windows version.

  2. You can only install one FormIDEA version with Office/Excel at a time. If you already have another FormIDEA version installed in your computer system, you need to remove (uninstall) the previously installed version before install a new version. You can always switch back and forth between FormIDEA versions by following the same uninstall-and-reinstall process.

  3. Feel free to contact us ( if you have any questions.

To install FormIDEA for Microsoft Excel

  1. Quit Excel (if it's running on your computer).

  2. Un-Zip the downloaded zip file on your hard disk to extract program files.

  3. Run the Setup.exe program and follow on-screen instructions.




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